Monday, October 4, 2010

New House Pics, Pt 1: Dining Room Update

Here some before & afters of our dining room. We still want to replace the light fixture, but haven't found one we like in our price range, so the one we have will do for now :) We also want to get a china cabinet eventually & will put something on the walls, but we like it plain right now anyway. We also will eventually continue the hardwood laminate that is in the kitchen & main hall into this room & the living room. Makes it more formal we think.

It is such a nice improvement in general that its my current favorite room at the moment!

I am so excited to have a formal dining room, it was one of our requirements in a house. We love the molding on the walls & the bay window. I remember how much I loved eating Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners in the "formal" dining rooms at both of my grandparents & parents houses growing up. It always seemed like such an event!


  • Unhinged a random door that was not needed & filled in where the hardware was in the frame
  • Removed ugly light fixture in the bay window & filled in opening
  • Scraped off popcorn ceiling
  • Sanded ceiling
  • Primered ceiling
  • Sanded ceiling again
  • Primered again
  • Painted ceiling white & install lighting medallion
  • Primered walls grey
  • Painted walls Red Velvet
  • Installed new dimmer light switch
  • Brought in new-to-us dining room furniture (yay estate sales). The table has 2 leaves which are in & can seat 8, I just have to get 2 more chairs :) p.s. ***Love, love, love the buffet!! :)
  • Found buffet lamps
  • Fall decorating began :)