Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Our prayer must not be self-centered. It must arise not only because we feel our own need as a burden we must lay upon God, but also because we are so bound up in love for our fellow men that we feel their need as acutely as our own. To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them." John Calvin

I just wanted to pass on some prayer requests for any praying people out there reading this! I hear & know of so many lately & I know that too many prayers going up can't hurt. Some are people I know, some are not, it doesn't matter one way or the other but I will post the links for more info where available.

But first, a PRAISE! I had been having some abnormal test results on something for over a year, and this issue was always hanging over my head. I got results back this week that it was finally NORMAL. Praise God, I am so grateful. Huge load off!!!

Thanks friends!

~Amelia, 7 months old. Recovering from surgery for a tethered spine. Progressing well but still has some small hurdles.

~Lucy. Has been battling breast cancer for several years and now she is fighting lesions on her liver. Treatment options are running out. She just started a new chemo & lots of prayers are going up that it works & reduces the liver lesions. Read her story HERE

~Aspen. Pregnant with twins Camden and Tinley. She just found out that Camden has a heart defect and may not make it through next week. They will be traveling to KC on Friday (Oct 1) and Monday to meet with a neonatal heart specialist. The babies are due in January.

~Ted. Had a PET scan today (Sept 29). Recovered from tongue cancer and this is a follow up scan to make sure he is still in the all clear.

~Chris. 62 yrs old. Went to the dr for what he thought was an ulcer about 6 weeks ago & found out that he has advanced cancer in the pancreas & liver. They gave him 5-6 months with chemo & 3 months without. He chose chemo. This has been very difficult on all involved.

~Rayden. 9 yrs old. Has been admitted in the children's psychiatric ward at a local hospital. He threw a desk at school & was threatening to kill himself & other kids. Had been stabbing himself in the head & chest. This is extremely hard on the parents & other siblings. And awful for a 9 year old child as well.

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