Friday, October 29, 2010

Make this!

I have always loved sweet potatoes. I first remember really liking them when we would visit my (Great) Aunt Ruby in Muldrow and she would make them, I always looked forward to our Thanksgiving visit. My mom makes delicious ones as well. My dad uses Dr. Pepper in his recipe. They are all similar--cut up in pieces, whatever seasonings you want to put on them, and bake in a casserole dish, then add marshmallows all over at the end.

Eric didn't like them when we first got together, which I thought was insane---now he loves them as much as I do!

I love all of these versions & would eat them every meal! But my personal go-to recipe that I started making a couple years ago is my favorite to actually cook.

Its courtesy of Pioneer Woman, of course!

She featured it on her site today, even though it was already on there. It is YUMMO. I've made it for several events & people really love it. Its more of a sweet potato casserole, which I was never a huge fan of. I do not normally like nuts in anything. Including sweet potato casserole. I think this one is good because the nuts are so fine, and they are mixed with brown sugar. And brown sugar makes all things perfect!

I would highly recommend this for any fall gathering! Another fun variation on it is to sprinkle rows of the nut topping diagnally with space in between, bake as normal, then the last 5 min or so sprinkle mini-marshmallows on the rows in between the rows of nuts. Makes for a pretty presentation :)

Here is the recipe, enjoy & Happy Fall!

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