Tuesday, October 19, 2010


These recent pictures make me happy, Capone hasn't been featured in a while & he is pretty darn cute these days :) I took him to a local fundraiser for the Humane Society called Paws in the Park this last Saturday at the Jenks Riverwalk. The was every breed of dog there I think, its like dog watching instead of people watching at this event. We did a 1 mile fun walk & then had lunch on the patio at Los Cabos. He loved it & had to nap for the remainder of the weekend to rest from all the excitement.

One of the trees in front of our house started turning kind of early, and my favorite color--bright orange! I'm so sad the leaves are dropping now! They are so pretty! It smelled very fall-ish today when I was out with Capone, so I got some pics of him taking it all in as well :)

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