Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas in October

You can ask anyone that knows me well & they will say I'm obsessed with Christmas music. (And all things Christmas really!)

In high school I would make mixed tapes off the 24 hr Christmas radio station. Yes, I'm a dork & just make mixed cd's now, ha!
**Speaking of mixed tapes, RIP Walkman, which has officially been retired.

I usually can't wait to start listening to it & can always somehow justify it in October. I realize its not even Halloween yet :)

So I was playing on Amazon tonight & wanted to see what new albums might be coming out that I could add to my huge selection of Christmas tunes. There isn't much I don't have already, so anything new is a plus! Although I have yet to be able to find a downloadable or even on cd version of Christmas Vacation by Mavis Staples. Makes me crazy that I'm missing this song! Its a classic.

Here are several albums that just came out or are coming out & I'm very excited to download them!

This is one of my favorite trios, it makes me happy a modern-day Andrews Sisters exists, since the 1940s is a decade I would definitely like to time travel to :) Love, love this music & so excited they have a new album!

I like this one because its super relaxing, more jazzy Christmas music if you're in a more laid back mood. And I've always liked the name Pink Martini, its fun :)

Olivia Newton-John Christmas Collection
Um its Olivia Newton-John, hello. She is still cute as ever & I like her voice. She will always be Sandy to me :)

Indigo Girls-Holly Happy Days

Its the Indigo Girls, enough said! And the album title is right down my alley :)

Glee-The Christmas Album

A Glee Christmas Album??? Yes, please.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the head's up! Pink Martini is pretty much my favorite band, and somehow I missed the mark that they had a Christmas album coming out. So what a fun surprise to read your post! If you ever get the chance to see them perform live, they are AMAZING.