Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am sad October is almost officially over :( Its been such a lovely month!

Eric was gone for yet another Halloween, its one of my favorite holidays & I had in mind a cute couple costume that would've been perfect, but that will have to wait for another year :( I went into the weekend kind of bummed because of all the fun stuff going on & no kiddos or hubby to enjoy it with really.

Saturday morning I met my sister for a manicure---I gave in and got one because its "shellac"..aka hard as a rock polish that won't chip. Hooray! I finally have a french manicure that won't be peeling in a day!

Then we went to Anthropologie for a while so I could use my gift card that was burning a hole in my purse! I had several things in mind I wanted, but settled on these for our guest bath because I've had my eye on them a while! I am happy with my decision :) If anyone has any creative ideas on what to put in them other than cotton balls, I would appreciate it :) Hopefully I can come up with something fun.

Then I'm going to get this knob to replace the boring ones that are in the bathroom now.

We ate lunch at Queenie's in Utica Square & I got a pumpkin cookie, it was delicious. Next, Lauren found out a friend of hers couldn't got to the event she was planning on for Saturday night, so I was able to tag along with her. She has been my Halloween backup the past 3 years, and its always at the last minute :) It was a masquerade ball, so we had to go find a mask. It was a really fun evening and a fundraiser for the March of Dimes, so definitely a good cause!
As for today...Halloween itself, I went to church and then I had to work on decor for my Junior League event that starts Thursday. I made a Christmas music playlist that is 4 hrs long. And I have more where that came from! :) So I got in the Christmas mood on Halloween, ironic enough.

Eric's Halloween involved playing golf on a PGA, super nice course in Princeville (Kauai), HI. He said it was hard, but he shot a 102, which is still good I think!

I stayed home tonight to see what kind of trick or treater turnout we would get at the new house. I've been good all week and not broken into the bags of candy I bought.

Here is what was left at 10 pm:

This will be going to work tomorrow instead of straight to my thighs.

Hope everyone had a safe & fun Halloween & here's to November! :)


  1. Sad I missed you at Anthro (but happy I wasn't working this weekend, haha) -- love your purchases! Q-tips maybe for one of them (although that's not too far off from the cotton balls). Looks like your hubby wasn't quite roughing it on this last trip, huh? ;) Glad you had a good weekend anyway!

  2. I really like the colored bath salts - usable and pretty!!

    You and Monroe look cute in the masks!!!

  3. Yes I thought of bath salts a couple days ago :) Thanks!