Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Our prayer must not be self-centered. It must arise not only because we feel our own need as a burden we must lay upon God, but also because we are so bound up in love for our fellow men that we feel their need as acutely as our own. To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them." John Calvin

I just wanted to pass on some prayer requests for any praying people out there reading this! I hear & know of so many lately & I know that too many prayers going up can't hurt. Some are people I know, some are not, it doesn't matter one way or the other but I will post the links for more info where available.

But first, a PRAISE! I had been having some abnormal test results on something for over a year, and this issue was always hanging over my head. I got results back this week that it was finally NORMAL. Praise God, I am so grateful. Huge load off!!!

Thanks friends!

~Amelia, 7 months old. Recovering from surgery for a tethered spine. Progressing well but still has some small hurdles.

~Lucy. Has been battling breast cancer for several years and now she is fighting lesions on her liver. Treatment options are running out. She just started a new chemo & lots of prayers are going up that it works & reduces the liver lesions. Read her story HERE

~Aspen. Pregnant with twins Camden and Tinley. She just found out that Camden has a heart defect and may not make it through next week. They will be traveling to KC on Friday (Oct 1) and Monday to meet with a neonatal heart specialist. The babies are due in January.

~Ted. Had a PET scan today (Sept 29). Recovered from tongue cancer and this is a follow up scan to make sure he is still in the all clear.

~Chris. 62 yrs old. Went to the dr for what he thought was an ulcer about 6 weeks ago & found out that he has advanced cancer in the pancreas & liver. They gave him 5-6 months with chemo & 3 months without. He chose chemo. This has been very difficult on all involved.

~Rayden. 9 yrs old. Has been admitted in the children's psychiatric ward at a local hospital. He threw a desk at school & was threatening to kill himself & other kids. Had been stabbing himself in the head & chest. This is extremely hard on the parents & other siblings. And awful for a 9 year old child as well.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I really enjoyed this post today from the Bring the Rain blog. She is such a good writer, and reading her stuff makes me want to post even though I can't write nearly as well :)

This is a good reminder though & will hopefully be an uplifting read for you too.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ok so we've been busy, but thought I'd post some random happenings of the past few weeks.
And today is the first day of Fall, which I love by the way even though it is 88 degrees outside :) So HAPPY FALL!

~We've been working on the house lots & finally have it somewhat put together and my fall decor is out, pics to come later.

~Labor Day was uneventful, I just know we thoroughly enjoyed the extra day off!

~We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary weekend in Branson/Silver Dollar City. It was fall loveliness, with the exception of the stomach bug I had most of the weekend. Didn't keep me from doing much except eating. I still love Silver Dollar City as much as ever!

~I took Pepto Bismol for the 1st time in my life that weekend.

~We are still looking for a mirror & coffee table for our formal living room. We need weird sizes which is why we haven't gotten anything yet.

~My dad got married.

~Our 2 Koi fish, Lucy & Ethel, died at our old house because we hadn't had time to get over to feed them in a week. I found them & it was very sad & awful. I had to dispose of them. We got them as babies & they lived through some rough winters & ice. They were about a foot long & had grown so much. *Lord, please forgive us for killing our fishies, it was not intentional. *

~Funding ran out on the contract I was working on at my job so I am now doing odd/temp jobs on our other contract & have no permanent desk. Awesome. Grateful for a job though.

~We are enjoying OSU Football season very much!

~We decided on our Halloween costumes for a party we are going to Oct. 16. Its a pretty perfect idea and easy to pull off, can't wait!

~Anthropologie is opening in Tulsa this Friday! Woo!

~I turn another year older in 9 days. I am not happy about this and will continue to believe I am 25.

~Race for the Cure, Brush Creek Bazaar, and Art of BBQ are all this weekend, should be fun!

So, here's to a very happy fall, can't wait for what God has in store for us the remainder of the year :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tulsa Icon: The Admiral Twin Drive-In

This past Friday I was at work and around 2 pm my boss saw some flames & smoke across town out of our window. I didn't get up to look & didn't think much of it. Not long after that I received an email from my sister with a picture from an iPhone & my heart just sank.

It was the Admiral Twin Drive-In movie screen up in flames.

I couldn't believe it...I have been driving by this structure my entire life and it was still in business and doing well. It had been in business 60 yrs this year.

I have grown up knowing that part of town pretty well. My dad grew up just blocks from it and both my parents grew up going there. Its one of the only operating drive-in's in the state.

Earlier this year they just celebrated the anniversary of The Outsiders, which parts of it were filmed there.
The news Friday spread very quickly around town and through Facebook. People were talking that maybe it was on purpose to collect insurance. But the owner came out and said he didn't have any insurance on it because it was a wooden structure. The cause is still unknown. He said it would cost around $300,000 for a new screen and that the future didn't look good.

Not long after that a Facebook group was started named Save the Admiral Twin Drive-In. As of now, it is up to 21,351 members. A bank account has been established for donations, here is the info:

ATTN: Admiral Twin Drive-In
Security Bank
PO BOX 471316
Tulsa, OK 74147

I haven't driven by because I'm sure it looks awful! There were talks it could be rebuilt by next May, so we'll see. It won't be the same, but I definitely want it to stay in business continue to make memories for Tulsans!

May 24, 1951 - Admiral Twin opens as the Modernaire with one screen. Tickets were $1 a carload and featured live entertainment by Johnny Lee Wills.

1954 - A second screen is added to accommodate the crowds.

1982 - Francis Ford Coppola films part of "The Outsiders" at the drive-in.

1994 - Moviegoers can listen to the movie on their FM radios.

2001 - Admiral Twin marks its 50th anniversary. It had just undergone a $100,000 renovation.

2005 - The drive-in wins a $35,000 makeover from the Save-A-Landmark contest sponsored by the Hampton Hotels.

2010 - The drive-in begins celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Sept. 3, 2010 - Admiral Twin burns down.

Sept. 4, 2010 - Owners say they hope to rebuild.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cowboy Football!

Eric & I were finally able to get season tickets this year to OSU Football, I'm so excited! I have officially been out of college 10 years this year (totally depressing) and I haven't had season tix since I was a student!

It was doable to get them this year since Eric started a distance Master's program in January, so we got the student rate & spouse's get it too (and I got a fun spouse/dependant card to carry, ha).

We had to make a trip to Stillwater today to pick up the tickets (apparently they don't mail student tix) and Eric had to get a student id. School was in session & I was actually wishing I was a student again. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around campus, as I always do. Even though I hate school, but that atmosphere was so fun. And I love Stillwater!!

We went to Chris' University Spirit to get a couple of things & then to an Antique Mall downtown. Then of course we ate at Eskimo Joe's, it was great! We gave in and got cheese fries, burgers & then a super yummo chocolate milkshake.

*NOTE: I will only be eating lettuce for the next 3 days.*

We got a nice storm on the drive home which had some very cool cloud action going on, so it was a fun evening!

The first game is Saturday & we play Washington State. Can't wait & the weather is supposed to be really nice! Hoping for a good win to start the season off right! Go Pokes!