Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life in Instagram

Here is an update on our life via Instagram of the past few months :) We have both turned another year older, been to Silver Dollar City to see the lights, experienced an amazing OSU football season, were Clark Kent & Lois Lane for a night, celebrated Thanksgiving & my Nanny turning 92, loving decorating for Christmas, enjoying our sweet Capone, and many other memorable things. Will try to update again before 4 months goes by :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer lovin'

Why I Love Summer :)

(Even when there's a major heat wave)

staying up late
up early on the weekend
movie nights
sno cones
pretty sunsets
Porter peaches
flip flops with every outfit
farmers markets
extra long daylight
treats from Braum’s
4th of July
iced coffee
slushes and popsicles
fresh watermelon
sunglasses for head bands
patio dining
iced tea(with lemon, please)
catching fireflies

Saturday, July 23, 2011


In case you need a smile :) Pretty cute!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived

I'm officially obsessed. About 10 years late, I know.

I haven't read the books.

I hadn't seen any of the movies until approximately 2006, when Eric suggested we watch them all that were out at the time.

I didn't have anything against them, just didn't think they were my cup of tea. HA. I'm an idiot.

So we watched them and continued to go see them in the theater. I wasn't any more excited to see them than any other movie that came out.

Then a couple months ago the final movie was really being hyped & it was in the media more, etc. Eric suggested we watch them all in our media room & do sort of a marathon over a couple of weeks. I thought it would be fun so I ordered them off Amazon and away we went to Hogwarts.

I'm not sure if it was watching them all so close together, the atmosphere in our media room, or both, but I became totally engrossed with Harry, Ron & Hermione. I think its because they literally grew up before my eyes on the screen.

Harry started off so timid and cute. Ron was awkward and cute in a funny sort of way. Hermione was tough skinned but a big softie on the inside and a very pretty little girl at that, who just got prettier. (And has nice skin, according to Ron :) )

I loved the fantasy, creativity, magic, the spells, and watching crushes develop between the characters. Watching them made me feel 13 all over again, which was somewhat torturous, but nice at the same time :)

We just saw the final movie tonight, 3D IMAX, yes! We arrived an hour & a half early, to a line that had already formed. Luckily we weren't too far back. As we were waiting for the movie to start, you could feel the excitement in the theater. I haven't had that feeling in a movie ever I don't think! Eric then commented, as I was thinking it, that he felt like he was waiting for a big ride to start at a theme park. You're excited, but you don't quite know what is in store.

So it started and the whole theater was silent & eyes glued the ENTIRE movie. Not a peep, word sneeze...nothing...even from any kids, during the entire show. Amazing.

Let me just say it was the most suspenseful, full of twists, highs & lows, than any of the rest. I loved it.

And I kind of have a celebrity crush on Harry/Daniel. Just a smidge :) He's all grown up!

And I would just like to give Ron/Rupert a hug.

And a photo with all 3 of them would be lovely.

So now I am totally bummed there will be no more movies. I ordered the books last week and they came Friday. I am halfway through the first one, so I fully intend to proceed through them quickly! Kind of sucks since I know the story, but I'm excited anyway.

At least there is the theme park for Eric & I to go enjoy the imaginary world of Hogwarts & Diagon Alley :)

To J.K. Rowling & Harry Potter, thanks for helping me remember to use my imagination, to see what true friends do for each other, to always do the right thing even if you break a rule, and for making me regress and feel like a 13 yr old going through these stories. It is a good age to remember :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Yes I am still maintaining this blog :) I have been awful about updating though! Sorry :(

We have been busy enjoying summer, working on projects around the house, activities at church, and my Junior League obligations. Once I do get free, I have to admit, another website has been taking up lots of my time!


"Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite."


I'm embarrassed how much I am on this site. Its highly addicting!

So other than that, here is the latest completed project at our house:



Our (mainly Eric's :) ) movie/media room is complete! Its a pretty fun room :) He has been working on it since January, it was quite a job.

-Removed popcorn ceiling, sanded, & painted it
-Added recessed lighting
-Cut, stained & installed crown molding
-Textured one wall to match the other 3
-Painted the room
-Gutted the closet (small project later that will have a counter, storage, microwave & fridge). It holds the A/V rack.
-Cut, stained & installed wainscoting & trim
-Made speaker mounts
-Stripped window & door trims and restained
-Stained & installed new door to room
-Connected surround sound & wiring in the attic
-Mounted projector
-Mounted screen

We had a few people over last weekend to watch True Grit, it was great! Its so nice watching a movie in there as opposed to just on the tv. Such a difference! The receiver he got also connects the xbox & wii, and to our patio speakers outside. We can control all the music, etc from our iPhone's as well which is pretty cool!

So we are pretty excited about it, its a really fun space :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So I've had a little gap in posting. Every time I sat down to do it I just blanked out on what to post about. So this will probably consist of random babble that will make the reader stop reading... about now.

I do want to promote a couple of Pioneer Woman's recipes that we had this month & really liked! The cookies especially! :)

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pasta ai Quattro Formaggi

Also, I recently purchased this beauty: I literally sat down & actually read a lot of it. The dessert section is AMAZING. Almost an inch of pages for just cakes!

Some of the recipes are very old, and the author gives the background on a lot of them which I enjoyed. I'm planning to make the Lemon Meringue Pie for Easter, so we'll see if I can pull it off.

Eric has been traveling, and what does that mean? We have a tornado warning in Tulsa last week. The severe weather hits when he is gone about 85% of the time. Fun for me & Capone :) We almost got in the closet under the stairs, but like a good Oklahoman I just went outside and looked up and around and decided we were in the clear. And we just got a good rain, so I continued on with making dinner :)

We have spent the last 3 weekends almost working in our yard. Trying to get the grass in shape (which by the way I mowed the lawn for the first time EVER on Sunday, it wasn't so bad!) and working on the mucho flowerbeds we have.

We aren't quite done so I will post pics when they are finished. Our backyard is almost all shade (some sun here & there), and luckily the past owners had landscaped most of it with pretty expensive stuff. But its ALL green. Lovely enough, but sorry I need some flowers and color! So off we went to Southwood Nursery to get some flowering, mostly shade loving perennials (they will come back every year). I also got Impatiens to scatter throughout the beds.

I got these perennials (pictures courtesy of Internet, not our yard):

Bleeding HeartColumbines (I got purple, fuschia, and yellow)
Clematis (Purple & we have 2 blooms already!)Hydrangea (LOVE these, I so hope it will do well)

We have a bed on the front of the house that wraps around the corner of the house and it was pretty lame to say the least. It also gets full sun. We built the bed up about 3 inches and added a consistant brick edged border onto it. The side part consisted of nasty Nandina bushes, can't stand these things! So we replaced them with pink & yellow Knockout Roses. The front part was basically empty except for mulch, so a blank slate=no weed pulling. We put boxwoods there and I will add begonias & periwinkles this weekend.

Anyway, landscape pics to come and here are a couple of fun pictures of Capone

Monday, March 28, 2011


Loving this song right now...

Blessings by Laura Story

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness!

This year Tulsans got lucky in having the opportunity to attend rounds 2 & 3 of games for the NCAA tournament. The BOK Center downtown was chosen as a host this year, exciting! Even though no Oklahoma teams participated, Eric's alma mater, Arizona, was chosen & got to play in Tulsa! We got lucky at the last minute that he didn't have to travel, and also got tickets to round 2 on Friday from my dad. University of Arizona vs. Memphis! We were also able to attend a pre-game brunch at the Doubletree Hotel for AZ fans, the band & cheerleaders put on a little pep rally :)

It was a super close game with a lot more fans from Memphis than from AZ, but that's ok! Arizona pulled off the win, barely!

For round 3, they played Sunday evening against Texas. Again, a CRAZY game...back & forth the whole time within just a few points. At the end they were down by one point, and then scored & won by ONE! It was the longest last 12 seconds of a game ever!

We (especially Eric) were so excited we were able to go, not many chances his school will be playing in OK!

Now they are in the Sweet 16 & play Duke on Thursday night. Go Wildcats, Bear Down!

Us with Wilbur!

Final score for round 2 :)

Post-game crowd headed to the big tent

Round 3!

Round 3 final score....whew!