Thursday, November 25, 2010


We are thankful for....
~Our health. All year I have heard of so many young, wonderful people getting diagnosed with something awful. Its hit pretty close to home recently.
~My husband. Sometimes it still hits me that I can't believe I ended up with him. He truly is a gift from God!
~Our jobs. Despite being frustrated with my job a lot, I am grateful for it. And grateful for Eric's and that he does enjoy it! Plus, the airline miles & hotel points are a nice perk :)
~Our family. We really are blessed with the sweetest, most caring family one could ask for. So thankful to have mine nearby and that my sweet Nanny is still with us at 91. And grateful for Eric's so we have fun places to visit!
~Our fur baby, Capone. This dog is our little man. He is so much company, especially to me when Eric is out of town. He is the best dog (most of the time) and I can't imagine not having him!
~Our home. We are really thankful for this house we were able to get into this year. Such a blessing. It is truly feeling more like home each day as we make it our own.
~Tulsa, Oklahoma & the United States. We love living here. We love this city, the houses, trees, quiet, good food, limited traffic, & downtown. We are thankful for all the freedoms we are so blessed with & try to never take them for granted.
~Our church. Grateful for our pastor, our Life Group, and the music program at church. All our such a blessing to us!
~Our friends. They are so spread out, and we wish more of them were in town but we really do have a wide circle between both of us all. Also thankful for recent new friends we have made recently in Tulsa.
~OSU football 2010 :) This season has truly been a blessing and so much fun to watch! Praying for a Bedlam win this weekend and more fun games to enjoy in the coming weeks!

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