Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day #1

Today I took the day off work so I could just stay in & not have to deal with driving in our latest ice/snow storm. I thought the Christmas Eve blizzard was the last of crazy weather for some reason, but luckily this storm isn't quite as bad as we thought, thank goodness! I said a prayer that the power would stay on & that the storm would be calmed once it got here. And those prayers were answered!

Eric is gone, so Capone & I are enjoying the day together. I made Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream pancakes this morning, so good. I usually don't succeed at pancakes, but these turned out perfect, so it must be the recipe, ha! :) I did substitute in whole-wheat flour, light sour cream, light butter, and sugar-free syrup to make them a *little* healthier :)

I put on a fire & am still in my pajamas and plan to watch bad daytime t.v. & nap on & off the rest of the day. Its great! And I still have Saturday & Sunday to enjoy doing nothing, yay!

Here are some shots around the yard. I think the leaves & berries covered in ice look so pretty!! There are icicles around our entire house also, lovely!


  1. I'm so glad that it isn't as bad as they were predicting! Made for a few pretty pics! Enjoy your day in your warm, cozy home!

    Ps. Love the NKOTB song on your blog! ha ha I went to see them a while back when they were in Dallas and they were still great! Prob better than when I saw them waaaaay back when!

  2. Days in my pj's are my favorite! It has been a looong time since I had one. Now you're making me think it's been too long...maybe tomorrow. I won't be going on anyway!