Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of Snow Day #1

So the power decided to go out at appx. 8 pm last night(1/29). I was just about to plug in my phone charger and of course the house goes black about that time.


I called & reported it to PSO through a pretty good automated service they have.

Mind you I'm still in my pajamas & robe. Yes, I had taken a shower but still looked like I just gotten up. I found the flashlights & was trying to decide if I should leave or wait a bit. I decided to wait 30 min.

It came back on at 8:15 pm. Nice work PSO!


So I watched some junk on tv, and later was wishing I had tuned into 20/20 which covered John Edwards awful behaviors. Bummed I missed that one.

Around 11 pm I finally decided to start my DVR recording of Emma which is the current Masterpiece Theater feature on Sunday nights on PBS.

Note to all: I LOVE Jane Austen everything. Eric does not love it :)

I want to live in one of those lovely homes in small town England. And I love their clothes & the way the leading male always appears riding up on his horse looking perfectly dapper while not smiling at all.

There are two more Jane Austen movie adaptations in the coming weeks, Northanger Abbey & Persuasion. You should tune in if you feel inclined :) Click here for the schedule.

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  1. We always watch masterpiece theater and love it! I too am a big fan of Jane Austen. The rest of the family are just beginning to appreciate it! Now they are pestering me to tell them how Emma ends...guess they will just have to wait and see or read the book in my library!