Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day #2

Well I was completely unproductive on snow day #2 and I don't feel bad about it at all.

My accomplishments:

  • Slept in until 11:30 am
  • Made tomato soup & grilled cheese for lunch
  • Watched part of the What Not to Wear marathon

  • Played outside with Capone (in my robe)

  • Nap
  • Shower
  • Made peanut butter cookies
  • Watched the 1st half of Pride & Prejudice

  • Started to watch the Miss America Pageant but couldn't take it

  • Watched a Hallmark movie instead which was good

  • Talked on the phone
  • Facebooked

Went to bed thankful for the relaxing weekend, doesn't happen very often! One day left!


  1. Fun! I was so upset Taylor Treat (Miss OK) didn't get to perform her talent because her talent is so great. )-:


  2. Yes I actually watched it until she was no longer in, she was so cute!