Friday, January 8, 2010

SHOW US HOW YOU LIVE - New Years Resolutions/Goals

Five things I would like to improve in 2010:

1. Be healthier
I am pretty healthy for the most part, but I need to cut the junk out & start going to the gym regularly (We go regularly for a while, and then stop). The metabolism isn't what it was 5 years ago, so this has to be done! And it needs to be a lifestyle, not a diet. We just need to be eating healthy & taking care of the precious bodies God has given us!

2. Finish reading the Bible
We started a program last summer at church that was supposed to be a 90-day reading schedule. Well....needless to say we didn't finish. I got stuck in Isaiah and I'm not sure where Eric left off. But I have no good excuse, I really do enjoy reading it & I'm starting up again asap :)

3. Stop worrying
The older I get the more I worry. I am not happy about this! I just hear all these freak stories & it makes me worry what if.... Well that is just not a way to live or think, so I have to eliminate this thought process. Eric is so calm & positive and is always having to calm me down! I need to learn from him & just go with the flow & trust God with everything. The moment a worry creeps up, I pray. Seems to be helping, obviously :)

4. Get our new house
House hunting will start spring-summer, so we are very nervous & excited. Praying about it & hoping all works out!

5. Become a mommy
I can only do so much in this regard, so lots of prayer going out over this as well!

2010 is the start of hopefully a very exciting decade for us! We are so blessed already & are putting all of this in God's hands. Here's to a great year!!


  1. Oh I think all of us would love to stop worrying! Ha! Ha! Good luck on your list
    Summer :0)

  2. great goals for the new year!

    #5 is so exciting!

    good luck with everything!