Friday, February 27, 2009

Quick trip to Kansas City

I just got home from a trip to Kansas City with my dad to go for my aunt's surgery. She had a tumor on her kidney and had to get it removed. She just happened to find it because of some xrays she had because her neck had been hurting from a car wreck. That prompted an MRI, PET scans, etc because of a suspicious spot on her vertebrae. Turned out that spot was just a chip in the bone. But, the scans showed up this place on her kidney, she had no idea. Luckily, it was totally contained, and they removed it fine & didn't have to remove the whole kidney. Its just a blessing she found out about it, because it could've progressed & by the time she had any symptoms, it would be too late. She doesn't need any further treatments or anything. So yay for good news!!

We stayed near the Plaza because the hospital was right there also. Love the Plaza! What a great place! So many good stores. We had a chance to go in a couple today at lunch. I bought this cookbook from Anthropologie (LOVE this store):

I'm kind of on a cupcake/baking kick right now, and the pictures in this were so fun, with some very creative recipes. I am not creative, so this helps me :) The recipes are quite easy also.

We also went in Z Gallerie, only to find out this particular location is closing, so they were basically having their final sale today & this weekend. Not much was left. I did get a cute frame though & my dad actually found a couple things.

We ate at a local BBQ place nearby, Jack Stack. Very nice & quite good. It was nice spending the time with my dad, we hadn't had any type of trip together in a long time, so I'm glad we were able to go and glad my aunt is okay.

It got cold here today, so we may just be staying in tonight, I don't know yet. I'm just happy the weekend is here!

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