Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Latest

Well, we had a traumatic week last week, hence the lapse in posting. Our cozy little house was broken into last Monday (3/2/09) at 1:30 pm. The door was kicked in, totally busting up the frame, and lock, etc. Our alarm went off, (THANK GOODNESS FOR IT!) and scared the person enough to not be in the house long. But, just long enough to grab my very much loved jewelry box. Inside it was my wedding jewelry, a ring my grandfather made me, a ring my grandmother wore until she passed away, 2 very special pieces my mom had given me--a diamond cross necklace & some earrings on my wedding day, diamond jewelry from my sister & dad that I received on my 30th birthday, diamond earrings Eric got me for our first Christmas when we were dating, my class ring, & a ring I got for my 16th birthday. It is SO upsetting that all of this is GONE! So the police came, I gave them a list of everything missing. I went at lunch last Tuesday to 4 pawn shops looking for any hope. Turns out they have to hold the items (not display them) for either 60 days or 10 days, depending if the stuff was pawned or sold. So I will just keep making my rounds!

Eric & my dad were up a few late nights trying to get the new doors & much stronger frame installed which they finished yesterday. We went to Lowe's and got the most secure storm door we could find. I don't care how any of it looks, I just want it to be as secure as possible! I have talked to the few neighbors we have, informed them if they see anything weird around here to please just call the police and us. I have all of their phone #s now, etc.

Thursday night, Dad & Eric were finishing up & something caught Eric's eye in the yard. Turns out several pieces of my jewelry were strewn through part of the yard! I found my cross necklace, the earrings my mom gave me on the wedding day, & the earrings Lauren had given me. I was SO happy to find those things! There is still alot missing, so I have a metal detector I'm about to comb the yard with! What a sloppy thief!

As for the weekend, it was nice. We had a wedding shower for a family friend who is getting married in May. I went to the flea market again with my mom & took Capone, he always has a big time there! He also went to the "barber shop" as Eric insists on calling it, so he looks all handsome now :)


More Spring flowers are blooming also! The redbuds are budding & daffodils have come up! And my pansies are doing really well. Here's to a better week!!


  1. Lindsay I am SO sorry about your break in! What a CREEP!!! Thank goodness he was sloppy though! Hopefully you'll find some more!

  2. That's a scarey thing. I'm sorry. You know that thief didn't take the jewelry to keep for sentimental reasons, so I bet it'll turn up! Capone is so cute. :) Enjoy the nice weather.