Friday, May 21, 2010

There's a what in the bedroom?

So last night I was doing my couch duty watching the Grey's Anatomy stressful finale & then onto Real Housewives of NYC. As I was all caught up in my RHONY drama (and there was a lot), I hear Eric yell out something from the back of the house. I mute the tv & ask what's wrong.

The rest of the story....

Him: "There's a snake in the bedroom!"

Me: "What? (Jumping off the couch and not wanting my feet to touch the floor)
There's a what in the bedroom?!"

Him: "Yes, a snake! I think its just a garden snake."

Me: "A snake is a snake and it was in our bedroom! What if it had crawled across my face in bed? I would've died immediately from fright."

Him: "Get me a towel, I see it & am going to catch it."

Me: "Um....ok...."

Him: "Got the door & bring me the camera"

Here is the outdoor shot of it once he let it go. Sorry I didn't get pics of the situation in action, I was so creeped out. Can I just say GROSS on so many levels. We have no idea how it got inside. I'm just so relieved we discovered it before bed. YUCK. I will still probably have a nightmare about it.


  1. OMG. that is freaky. I'm glad it didn't bite you!!!


  2. okay, you win. i concede...;)

  3. Put the house on the market and MOVE!

  4. House won't go on the market, but we are moving this summer hopefully!