Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring in Oklahoma

"Get the children to the cellar, Grab a Bible if you can, Something wicked comes this way, To tear apart the land. Let the horses from the stable, Put the fire out in the still, An evil wind is blowin' through the hills"-Jason Boland

As I type this the tornado/wind sirens are going off in Tulsa. For the 2nd time in a week. Last week they decided to blare out at 5 am. Not cool, especially on a work day! Turns out last Thursday there were some "gust-nados" in parts of Tulsa & tornados elsewhere. Ugh. We drove to work this morning while it got pitch black out & a crazy lightning/rain storm went on. Too bad I wasn't still asleep :) I don't mind a good thunderstorm, in fact that is something I love about Oklahoma. Especially when I can sleep in :) But the tornado stuff is not for me. It always seems to hit at night too.

Not to mention ALL the weathermen continuously broadcasting all night on every channel taking up programming. Seriously? I am grateful we have people who love this stuff & tracking it for us, but they really don't need to be on every channel the whole evening. I mean hello, I have American Idol to watch!

Anyway, May is half over, so hopefully tornado season will end soon and I can go back to waking up to my birds chirping :)

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