Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

First, Happy May 1st!!! Hope spring has been as lovely for everyone as its been around here :)

I've recently been listening to the Christian radio station in Tulsa, 100.9 quite a bit. My Chrisitian music taste since being out of college has tended to be more towards old gospel, hymns, etc. I've been told I'm "an old soul" because I like the old stuff, and I have more beliefs in common with my grandparents than I do people my own age :) Which is fine with me, ha! I was into the contemporary stuff when I was in youth group and in college, but then once I was out I fell a little behind in who the latest artists were, etc.

Its funny because they will still play some Steven Curtis Chapman, and DC Talk that I remember from around 1993. And I heard Rich Mullin's "Awesome God" the other day which I hadn't heard in years and we used to sing all the time.

In saying all this, there are few of the new songs that I really like right now. I used to love Point of Grace (Circle of Friends, etc) but I haven't heard any of their newer stuff until this week. "How You Live" was played and I loved it! I really like the lyrics. I immediately activated my Shazam app on the iPhone so I could add it to iTunes right then :) I'm also a big fan of Amy Grant's new one, "Better than a Hallelujah".

Anyway, there are several more that Eric & I really enjoy, so we keep it on that channel now all the time in the car! This music keeps me grounded, keeps me calm and my worries at bay.

Their dj's aren't annoying either :) When they go to commercial I do switch it over to the GenX channel just to see what they have pulled out of the time machine, ha!

I'll end this with a couple of videos of those songs:

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