Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer! Woo!

I love summer. I took it for granted when I had them all off, now I so wish I had summer vacation to look forward to...someday again hopefully! Despite that, we will make it as fun as possible!

I love Tulsa in the summer. Just something about it when the sun is out all the time. Yes, its hot, but I don't care. I'm cold about 8 months out of the year, so I can stand some humidity :)

Summer favorites:
*Grilling out with friends*
*Green everywhere!*
*Crepe myrtles in bloom*
*Summer's 5th Night @ Utica Square*
*Homeade ice cream*
*Patio dining*
*Farmer's Markets
*Strawberries & Blueberries*
*4th of July*
*Lots of kiddos playing outside*
*Lightning bugs*
*Okra & tomatoes from a roadside stand*
*The sun setting at 9 pm*
*Cute clothes/dresses*
*Flip flops*
*Vacation of some sort :)* Tucson this year!*
*Father's Day*
*Porter Peaches*
*Driller's Games*
*Braum's ice cream*
*Oklahoma! @ DiscoveryLand*
*Trip to Branson/Eureka Springs*
*People on their front porches*
*Walking Capone*
*I actually don't mind getting up early on Saturday's :)*

Here's looking to a fun-filled summer of 2010! Can't wait & hoping to fit in as much as possible while having to work :)

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  1. Mmmm...Porter's peaches. That's a good'n. And what about our misadventures (I'm predicting to be misadventures, haha) making macarons? I think we need to make it happen this summer! :)