Monday, January 31, 2011

Weather Happenings

So this past Saturday here it was 74 degrees & perfection outside.

Tonight thru Wednesday morning we are under a blizzard watch. Along with like 3/4 of the United States. CRAZY!
See below, yes that says Tulsa may get 12 - 20 inches of snow! What in the world.
Eric, Capone & I will be enjoying a snow day or two this week. We just hope the power stays on! Eric was supposed to travel tomorrow, but oh darn...all his flights have been cancelled. YAY!

Our plans are to make cookies tonight, Eric painting the media room, me watching the Bachelor, sleeping in tomorrow, we will be making Pioneer Woman Sour Cream Pancakes for breakfast, watching some daytime tv, do some laundry, make Chicken & Dumplings, watch Pride & Prejudice (w/Colin Firth) and Anne of Green Gables...perfect snow day flicks!!! Snowman building & Eric attempting to get me to sled down our driveway may be involved as well.

I am actually really excited to do all of this. Yay to snow days & the power staying on :)

Be safe everyone!

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