Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Let me just say......10 days off work. Bliss!

We've had a great last couple weeks of the year! I started off the break by baking Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls to give to the neighbors & a couple friends for Christmas. It went perfect, believe it or not! I was pretty proud of myself since it was my first time to do anything with active yeast! I did the dough one evening & let it rise & do its thing in the fridge overnight. It would be good to make them ahead & freeze them for different things also. I'm planning to do them every year now and hopefully I will perfect it!

Eric's mom was able to come to Tulsa this year for Christmas. It was a last minute thing & we were so happy to have her from Tucson. She got in Christmas Eve, to a nice cold, overcast day :)

We had Christmas Eve at my Nanny's house with my Mom's side and then Christmas Day at my Dad's. What a blessing to have another Christmas with Nanny, who is 91 and still in great spirits!We had a yummy dinner and then watched Christmas Vacation & Elf. We all bunked it up at her house, despite it being slightly cramped. Makes it cozier anyways :)

Christmas morning was gift wrap madness once the gift opening began. What fun! My most surprising gift was from Eric & was a new computer. Yay! We had planned to wait until next year to get one but he worked up a good deal and changed up the plan. Its a new TV/Monitor, so we can use it for the computer or to watch tv. Genious! And its huge, such a nice improvement. It has plenty of memory for all my pictures, which I am most protective of.

We then had Christmas Day at my dad's house which was nice even though my aunt couldn't make it in this year. After the Christmas festivities ended at my dad's, we took Bonnie to look at Christmas lights around town. It was cold but lovely!

My mom's birthday is right after Christmas we celebrate that the next day. Bonnie & I went shopping for after Christmas deals & then to the birthday dinner (pizza & cupcakes!).

The next couple days we went downtown to have lunch with my mom & go ice skating at Winterfest, made Pioneer Woman's White Enchiladas (delish!) for dinner, went to see the new Narnia movie, and had a little watch party for the OSU Bowl Game.

New Year's Eve we drove to Dallas to stay with our friends Peete & Bethany. We went to dinner at Uncle Julio's with 3 other couples and their kiddos and then back to Peete's house for the night. Capone came along also & was worn out after being the main toy for the kids to play with :) He was pretty good though & slept the entire drive back home. New Year's Day we went to visit our friends Ty & Natalie and to see new baby McClain and big sister Kate! She was the cutest little doll running around & McClain is perfect! On the way home we stopped in Southlake to shop & I finally found some new pajamas :)

What a blessing to have so much time with family and to have my grandmother for another Christmas! We are looking forward to what 2011 has in store & have some high hopes on what God will be doing!

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