Sunday, January 16, 2011

Masterpiece is back!

So my beloved Masterpiece Theater has begun again, YAY!

I didn't start watching this until a few years ago when my mom was really into it & I would be at her house on Sunday nights. She has always liked all things English (except for maybe the crooked teeth, hehe) and so has been watching these for a while. Until then, the only Masterpiece Theater I was familiar with was what I had seen on Sesame Street growing up--Monsterpiece Theater with Alistair Cookie. See 80's flashback below: (You can pause the background music on the player at the bottom right of the blog)

Now I always watch with my mom, its just something we both thoroughly enjoy. The first program I watched on Masterpiece was Pride & Predjudice with Colin Firth. LOVED IT, and him :) Mr. Darcy is one of my favorite characters. The scenery & houses are so lovely, I was definitely born in the wrong era! They are so proper and can get to the point quickly with few words. They also hold a lot of words back, which drives me crazy sometimes. Just say it already!

One spring PBS ran a whole slew of Jane Austen/British stories, it was fabulous! So I proceeded to watch Persuasion, Northanger Abby, Sense & Sensability, Bleak House, Mansfield Park, Cranford, and my 2nd favorite after Pride & Prejudice---Emma (the version below). Mr. Darcy from P & P and Mr. Knightly from Emma are my 2 favorite male characters out of everything.

The current series that is on is Downton Abbey. I was not familiar with this story, but its so good! There are four 1.5 hr episodes total, and now only two left :( HERE is the 2011 Winter/Spring Schedule. I am looking forward to April & May when they air Upstairs, Downstairs & South Riding, both sound very good.

So when I have church AND Masterpiece on a Sunday, it makes for a perfect day :)

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