Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ok so we've been busy, but thought I'd post some random happenings of the past few weeks.
And today is the first day of Fall, which I love by the way even though it is 88 degrees outside :) So HAPPY FALL!

~We've been working on the house lots & finally have it somewhat put together and my fall decor is out, pics to come later.

~Labor Day was uneventful, I just know we thoroughly enjoyed the extra day off!

~We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary weekend in Branson/Silver Dollar City. It was fall loveliness, with the exception of the stomach bug I had most of the weekend. Didn't keep me from doing much except eating. I still love Silver Dollar City as much as ever!

~I took Pepto Bismol for the 1st time in my life that weekend.

~We are still looking for a mirror & coffee table for our formal living room. We need weird sizes which is why we haven't gotten anything yet.

~My dad got married.

~Our 2 Koi fish, Lucy & Ethel, died at our old house because we hadn't had time to get over to feed them in a week. I found them & it was very sad & awful. I had to dispose of them. We got them as babies & they lived through some rough winters & ice. They were about a foot long & had grown so much. *Lord, please forgive us for killing our fishies, it was not intentional. *

~Funding ran out on the contract I was working on at my job so I am now doing odd/temp jobs on our other contract & have no permanent desk. Awesome. Grateful for a job though.

~We are enjoying OSU Football season very much!

~We decided on our Halloween costumes for a party we are going to Oct. 16. Its a pretty perfect idea and easy to pull off, can't wait!

~Anthropologie is opening in Tulsa this Friday! Woo!

~I turn another year older in 9 days. I am not happy about this and will continue to believe I am 25.

~Race for the Cure, Brush Creek Bazaar, and Art of BBQ are all this weekend, should be fun!

So, here's to a very happy fall, can't wait for what God has in store for us the remainder of the year :)

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