Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cowboy Football!

Eric & I were finally able to get season tickets this year to OSU Football, I'm so excited! I have officially been out of college 10 years this year (totally depressing) and I haven't had season tix since I was a student!

It was doable to get them this year since Eric started a distance Master's program in January, so we got the student rate & spouse's get it too (and I got a fun spouse/dependant card to carry, ha).

We had to make a trip to Stillwater today to pick up the tickets (apparently they don't mail student tix) and Eric had to get a student id. School was in session & I was actually wishing I was a student again. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around campus, as I always do. Even though I hate school, but that atmosphere was so fun. And I love Stillwater!!

We went to Chris' University Spirit to get a couple of things & then to an Antique Mall downtown. Then of course we ate at Eskimo Joe's, it was great! We gave in and got cheese fries, burgers & then a super yummo chocolate milkshake.

*NOTE: I will only be eating lettuce for the next 3 days.*

We got a nice storm on the drive home which had some very cool cloud action going on, so it was a fun evening!

The first game is Saturday & we play Washington State. Can't wait & the weather is supposed to be really nice! Hoping for a good win to start the season off right! Go Pokes!


  1. Yeah!!!! So exciting! Sounds like a great day! I'm a little sad that we didn't get tickets this year! We had soooo much fun last year! We got our new OSU flag in the mail today just in time for the first game! Whoo hoo! Enjoy your Stillwater time! Such a special place......

  2. we got season tickets for the first time this year too! We're in the family endzone because we wanted the kids to come also. We need to meet and eat one night before the game!

  3. I always loved fall and football season in Stillwater. I'm heading up there the first weekend in October for Fall Conference. Too bad I don't have football tix.