Sunday, November 29, 2009


What a perfect Thanksgiving weekend! Lovely weather, family, good health, good food, football(with an unfortunate, painful loss to OU), Christmas lights, friends, puppies, movies, fireplace, Christmas trees, & a birthday!

I am so, so beyond grateful for all of these things. I thank God multiple times each day so I try not to take anything for granted. I even notice myself being so happy for the smallest things--a close parking spot, flowers, fall leaves, snowy mornings when you can stay home, sunny days, sleeping in, my doggy, laughing so hard you cry, being safe, our church. But I think God for them all. We are so lucky to live in this city, state & country, to have our families and friends, to have jobs, a happy marriage, a great church family/pastor, healthy babies, my doggy asleep in my lap.

Thursday we had Thanksgiving at my mom's & my dad's, and it was my dad's birthday as well. Friday we did some shopping, hung some Christmas lights, got some Christmas movies for $4 at Target (yay!), picked out a perfect tree & got it decorated while watching The Grinch & A Christmas Story. Saturday we went to our good friends' house to watch Bedlam & have pizza, then we went to Philbrook Museum for the Garden Glow & Festival of Trees (and Gingerbread Houses). That night we decided to go see A Christmas Carol in 3D, so fun! Sunday was a great brunch in Sunday School and great service, then nap time! All in all a perfect weekend!

Here are some of our grateful moments :)

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