Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cooks--I love it!!!

If you don't already own this, go get it now! And get some copies for your friends too! I already loved her blog, so I was very excited about this cookbook. Pictures from the book signing in Tulsa are in the post below, but I just had to do a special post for this :) She is lovely in person, and Malboro Man is lovely as well, if I say so myself, ha! I always love a cowboy though, so that is part of it I suppose. I love all things country & hope to live out away from it all again someday. This is why I adore her stories & recipes, I just live vicariously through her! Growing up on a ranch I can relate to a lot of her stories, although they have a lot more ranch than we did! Her recipes are great for people like me and she makes all things I love.

So go get this book for some great food, photos, & stories that will make you & your taste buds smile! :)

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