Sunday, November 22, 2009


We celebrated my nanny Hazel's 90th birthday this weekend, her birthday is actually Monday, Nov. 23. All her nieces & nephews came, plus her little friends from church. It was a great day & so nice to get everyone together for a happy occasion.

She was born in 1919 in Porter, OK. She is my last grandparent I have left and the healthiest of them all at this age. She is the epitomy of a grandmother and my sister & I have been lucky enough to grow up close to her. She is small but fiesty with a sweet, sweet attitude. Her brothers named her Hazel, and she never liked her name. But, I think it fits her & I don't know any others! Her brothers were her best friends and she has outlived them all.

They were a very musical family, with Hazel singing, uncle Glenn & Guy on the fiddle, and uncle Don on the guitar. None of them could read music, they tought themselves & played/sang by ear from what they heard on the radio & at church. Guy & Glenn could play the fiddle better than anyone!!

She has read through the Bible multiple times & loves & lives for Jesus with all her heart. She is the perfect example of how a lady should act. She has had her share of heartache & disappointments...but was so strong through all of it. She ended up marrying the love of her life later after being single & divorced for a long time. She & Tommy were two peas in a pod and they were married 24 years. He passed away in 2007 & she so wanted him at her 90th party.

She believes in hard work, vitamins, not worrying, praying about everything--no matter how small, and always be a lady! She is a fantastic cook & gardener, and always loved the latest fashions. She would still wear high heels if she could, and her nail polish & lipstick always matched.

We love her to pieces and are so, so grateful the God has blessed us with her for so long. Not to mention her good health! We can't wait to celebrate #95 now! :)

Nanny at 17

Nanny (bottom left) with her brothers on
their parents 50 wedding anniversary

Nanny & Tommy

The cake--featuring her senior h.s. picture

Birthday buffett

Nanny & Jerry

Nanny with her daughter, neice, & nephews

Mom & Nanny

Nanny & I

All of us!

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