Monday, September 14, 2009

Our 1st Anniversary, 9/13/09

Well our first year anniversary has arrived, we can't believe how fast it went by! We have been so blessed in our relationship and thank God each day for all He's given us. We decided to take a weekend trip to Savannah, GA. It was just lovely!!! Its definitely one of our new favorite places. I wish it were driving distance & closer so we could go more often. I think its probably one of the most relaxed, well-maintained places we've ever been.

Thursday night before we left, we gave each other our gifts. I decided to get Eric a new golf putter, he needs so much new equipment for golf & so I thought this would be a good start! He had to pick it out though, so the surprise was him meeting me at the store :) The gift he had planned for me didn't quite work out, so we talked about other options & I remembered I've really been wanting a new watch. Mine was taken in the break-in, so I had been thinking about it. I got to pick it out & we are both so happy with what we got :)

We left out early Friday morning for Savannah & got in around 11:30am. The weather was perfect all weekend---sunny & in the 80s. The airport is even cute, it had its own square! We arrived at the B&B, oh my....what a lovely place! It was just perfect. Our room wasn't ready, so they held our luggage & we headed out to get some lunch. Everything in the Historic District is in walking distance, so we didn't rent a car. We just happened to walk by the Lady & Sons Restaurant (Paula Deen's place). We decided to just ask about their reservation process for maybe lunch the next day, and sure enough we got right in for lunch...which is unheard of!! We ordered off the menu & did not get the looked super greasy & just like a big heart attack! Ended up getting some Fried Green Tomatoes as an appetizer, so good! I got a meatloaf sandwich & Eric got a crab cake sandwich. Both were very tasty!

Next we just explored the area and then headed back to settle into our room. The room was in French decor, it was just ideal! The fridge was fully stocked (included in the price) and the owner had baked treats placed in our room each day. I felt so bad we couldn't eat everything she left for us, but I would've gained 10 lbs if I had! We then hit our low for the afternoon & had to take a nap before dinner :)

We decided on dinner at a jazz & tapas place called Jazz'd. It was so fun! It was in a basement of a building and they have live jazz every night & the whole menu is tapas. Perfect since we were wanting a light dinner. We got brie with fruit, bread & roasted garlic, grilled lamb chops, salad, and beef tips. Very small portions but it was just enough. We loved it!

The next day we headed out on the hop on/off trolley tour. These are great because you fit a lot in & learn a lot about the area as well. We got off at the childhood home of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the Girl Scouts. What a fantastic house! 80% of the furniture was original from the 1800s. This is definitely one of my favorite eras furniture-wise, I could've moved right in this place :) Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures inside though :(

We got off at the big cathedral, St. John the Baptist and then spent a lot of time walking through the various squares. We stopped at Forsyth Park, which is lovely. Then ended up on the Riverfront where we went in the Savannah Candy shop, its all old-fashioned, so fun!

That night we had Italian (I ended up getting fish though, grouper, & it was delish) and then went to the little local theater. They were putting on a show called Hooray for Hollywood & it was all movie songs. It was so fun & the cast did a great job. We got in right before midnight, so once midnight hit we cut the cake! The original cake top had been in my dad's freezer, and a couple months ago his power went out & everything in the freezer went bad, so we lost the cake :( So....we had Merritt's remake the top & we toted it all the way there on the flights & it made it in one piece and was so good!

Sunday (our anniversary!) we took it pretty easy & ate lunch at a cute local bakery. Then we went down to the Riverfront again to take a riverboat ride. After that, it was pretty hot out so we got some ice cream and just walked around the neighborhoods again, they are just so nice to look at!

We got ready for dinner at a place called The Olde Pink House. Its a renovated home that was built in 1771. It later became the first bank in Georgia and had many other uses throughout the years. Long story short, alot has gone down in this house! It had been renovated back to the 1800s, furniture & all and we loved it!!! I had sweet potato-filled ravioli & Eric had flounder, their special. We ordered key lime pie for dessert & they brought out a special anniversary display for us :) Then we toured the home and headed downstairs to the Tavern (basement area that used to be slave quarters). They have a piano player there every night and it was so fun! There was an entertaining group of people sitting near the piano, and one lady had a great voice & just kept randomly do a solo to various songs. A random black gospel-singing waitress would join in too! It was so enjoyable & we stayed there until close :)

We had to get up early the next day for our flight & we were sad to leave! It is just a wonderful area & we can't wait to go back!! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the weekend :)

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  1. What a great trip! I have always wanted to go there! Happy 1st Anniversary to an awesome couple!!!