Monday, October 5, 2009

Stillwater Fun

At the last minute my dad was able to get 4 passes for the new west suites at OSU for the Grambling game on Sept. 26. How exciting! Eric gave up his normal season ticket seat to sit with us & check out the suites. We got to town early because I wanted a new tshirt. Well after a lovely walk around campus wishing college hadn't ended, I didn't have much luck finding a shirt. Lots of cute ones, but either too see through or not in my size. So frustrating. I got one that was ok, and it did the job for the day. So we met up with dad & made our way up to the suite. We got off the elevator & the main area was so nice, we knew we were in for a treat. We were the 1st ones in the suite and it was just lovely.

We we starving so we went to check out the very free all-you-can eat buffett's. Eric was in heaven, to say the least :) Prime rib, beef ribs that were HUGE, chicken stuffed with cream cheese & jalapeno & wrapped in bacon, veggies, potato salad, pretzels, cookies, Marble Slab creamery, etc etc. So we loaded up & enjoyed ourselves since this won't be happening again anytime soon :) The suite had a full kitchen, flat screens, granite counters, leather comfy chairs, and a glass window looking onto the field that went up or down with the flip of a switch, whatever your choice depending on the weather, etc.

Besides the food, the highlight of the day was on the way out, we passed Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood leaving. I recognized them immediately & proceeded to stop & ask for a picture. They were very nice & friendly & obliged! :) I'm sure I made an idiot of myself, oh well! Ha!

We had a great time, OSU won the game, but I will say Grambling won halftime! :) Here are some pics from the day!

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  1. That's cool that Garth and Tricia have on their OSU stuff too. I have a birthday card from them...haha.