Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Bible Reading Plan

For the summer, our church has started a Wed night class for Reading the Bible in 90 Days. Eric & I, plus some friends decided to tackle this one. Eric hasn't read it much and is newer to church. I have never read through the Bible, but am familiar with most of it. So we thought this would be good to do together at the same time. Eric quickly realized he is not a reader! Falls asleep almost immediately :) So we went to Mardel & got the NIV version on MP3 and downloaded the whole thing to the iPod. We listened to it to & from our recent drive to Santa Fe, and I realized I don't do well listening to it...I fell asleep! He loved it though, so I read & he listens and it works out :) Anyway, we are really enjoying it and so glad we decided to do it, I think it will be a blessing for us both!

Here is a link to the program if anyone is interested :)

The Bible in 90 Days

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  1. Mark is doing that as well - he actually has portions of the bible in magazine form and he reads the "biblezines" while he is running on the treadmill. I am not doing it this time but hopefully sometime in the future.