Sunday, May 10, 2009

Merry May

We had a wonderful weekend & nice time spent with family. Lauren & I took mom to lunch on Friday at McGills, we don't get much time with her alone these days, so we scheduled something during the week so she could get away. Eric took off work Friday, and was so sweet to mow the yard (during a brief dry few hours he had), do the laundry & wash the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher, so its always a big chore to do this & neither of us are fans, ha). So that freed up having to do these things Sat or Sun! Friday night we went to eat at one of our favorites lately, Leon's in Brookside. We took it pretty easy that night.

We were pretty lazy Saturday morning, Eric just bought the new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii, so he's been playing it quite a bit. We left to run some errands & then met my mom, grandma, and Lauren at Olive Garden in Utica Square for our Mother's Day lunch. We do it on Sat. to avoid the crowds on Sun. since my grandma is in a wheelchair, its just easier. Lauren, mom & my grandma all got a peach bellini, which was hilarious! It was a great meal as always!

We shopped around Utica Square a while (I don't go there without some shopping!) :) and then went on back home. I took a nap with Capone and we decided to stay in that night. We ordered a pizza and watched The Reader, our latest Netflix delivery. I had been wanting to see it because I really like Kate Winslet, but it was interesting, not quite what I was expecting. Interesting enough story, but we could've done without the multiple scenes of nakedness!

Made it to church this morning and then picked up Camille's for lunch and went to my grandma's to do the Mother's Day gifts. We started my mom a
Pandora charm bracelet, they are so fun! So we are trying to build up her charm collection.

A jewelry store in Utica Square has all of their charms & accessories,
J. Spencer.

Eric got mom an Obama Mother's Day card--mainly because he knows she can't stand him so he thought it was pretty hilarious :)

We got my grandmother some more books (she reads like crazy) and mom got her a prayer box bracelet that was really cute.

Lauren was in the middle of studying for her test, so she was able to come by for a while, but had to leave a little earlier.

Here are some pics from the afternoon:

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