Monday, May 4, 2009

Dallas Fun

This past weekend we had a wedding Saturday night in Dallas for a family friend of mine, Jake Thomas. It was a nice little get away for us, although it was a bit of a rainy weekend. We left Friday afternoon & stayed with our friends Peete & Bethany in McKinney. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, so we were looking forward to it. Their little girl, Presly, was one of the flower girls in our wedding, so we are pretty crazy about their kiddos! Their little boy is 11 mos old and he is so cute & such a good baby! I don't have any pictures unfortunately :(

Saturday we had breakfast at La Madeline and I got a crepe, which took me back to my crepe addiction while we were in Paris....

We went on into Dallas and shopped for a bit in Highland Park not far from our hotel. I wanted to go in Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores that I wish Tulsa had! We ate at Corner Bakery & then right across from it was Sprinkles Cupcakes, which of course was on our list of stops :) I had a Red Velvet one & Eric had chocolate on chocolate. They were so good & I really wish I owned the place :)

We were going to go see King Tut, but it was too expensive for our taste & we weren't all that interested anyway. So we went across the street to the Sculpture Museum, pretty neat. I enjoyed the garden area & the weeping willow trees :)

As we were about to leave, it started pouring outside, we were parked about 4 blocks away. It was a crazy storm. So we bought an umbrella in the gift shop & made our way to the car, laughing most of the way & getting soaked! Headed back to the hotel where I took a nap & then we got ready for the wedding. It was at an Episcopal church & then the reception was at a place called 7 Senses. Really neat place, artsy, fun furniture. They had a live band that was really good, and the food was great. We enjoyed the grilled cheese :) Here are some pics from the event:

Eric & I with my dad...

Sunday morning we met friends, Ty & Natalie and Ms. Kate at Breadwinner's. We hadn't met Kate yet, she will be 2 this summer & is pretty much the cutest little girl :) You can check out their blog here and see tons of cute pics of them all! Hopefully we will get to hang out with them again sooner than later. Next we headed back to Sprinkles for one more cupcake, and I got a half-dozen to take home :)
Eric was already eating one by the time I took the picture :)

Last we made a stop at Nordstrom Rack (I so wish we had in Tulsa also!), then I had to drop Eric off at DFW for a work trip he had to take. It was a tiring drive home, but a great weekend!!!!

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  1. So fun! So glad we got to see you all while you were down! Should have gotten a pic of you guys with Kate.....oh well. Fun post!