Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Snow-klahoma, where the wind and snow come sweeping down the plains.....ugh! The snow was fun for a week and now I'm over it :) Below is tonight & tomorrow's forecast. Not excited.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to take vacation time to miss work because I prefer not to risk my life driving. So annoying.

Some random reasons why this is getting old:
  • We have 3 full trash cans of grossness that have yet to be picked up.
  • We haven't gotten mail since last Tuesday.
  • We haven't used our front door since last Monday, there is STILL a huge drift.
  • To look at our street, you would never know any streets were clear & melted around town.
  • We almost had a pipe freeze, but we discovered it in time & got it thawed with the hair dryer.
  • I keep baking & cooking. I will probably gain 10 lbs. by the time it warms up & I can get to the gym. It has been delicious though! :)
  • We got stuck, going downhill, in the 4wd, going super slow we did a 180 & ended up turned the opposite direction facing uphill. Lovely. But thanks to neighbors we didn't even know, we got out!

On the positive side (and more importantly!):

  • We have POWER.
  • We have heat, cozy blankets, and a roof over our heads.
  • We are healthy.
  • We have had a fun time at home watching movies, playing the Wii and just hanging out.
  • We have food, milk, etc.
  • We didn't wreck the car or get stranded, I'm really grateful we have 4wd :)
  • My sister is finally over the flu!
  • I do love the snow on the trees, seeing the cardinals & other sweet birds at our bird feeders, watching Capone leap around & cover his little face with snow, looking out my kitchen window to a bright, white front yard, cooking for Eric, wearing my warm pajamas & socks & robe, and naps :)
  • Also, we are very thankful for the city workers, for hospital & emergency workers, for the shelters around town, & for kind strangers helping each other around town.

Sooo ready for spring & summer! And looking forward to seeing all my tulip bulbs bloom (hopefully!) once the ground thaws :)

I did get my Amazon shipment finally, so I have something to entertain myself if we have another snow day.

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