Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tim McGraw, Baseball, & Flowers

I love all things spring. Except for maybe allergies :) But, its a reminder things are blooming, which is good! The temps were PERFECT this weekend, my favorite kind of weather for sure!

This weekend was tons of fun! Starting Thursday my dad got last minute suite tix to the Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum concert that he didn't want. So my friend Amy went with me, since Eric doesn't even know who Tim McGraw is. Plus he had a paper to write :)

Friday came the good news about my little worry I've had going on, so God answered my prayer big time & all is well :) So thanks for your prayers! We headed out Friday night to the new ONEOK Field for opening weekend with some friends. What fun! Nothing like a Driller Dog, lemonade, and some ice cream in a hat :) The stadium is great, fantastic area, great downtown views...etc, etc. Can you tell we love it? And they even have some super cute retro-ish Driller shirts I plan to purchase at some point.

Saturday I tackled my love/hate relationship with Zumba class, then off to the Tulsa Garden Center for their annual Garden Market. I'm after a yellow rose called the Julia Child. Perfection, right? Unfortunately I don't have a good spot for it at our house now, but it is on the list for the next house :) I brought Capone because the poor guy has been cooped up inside for way too long. He was so excited I couldn't even capture it in a picture, but it was hilarious watching him.

Woodward Park is blooming, tulips are so pretty & the azaleas are coming along. Unfortunatly it was prom time, so I had a hard time getting pictures without a giant sequin dress in the background :)
Saturday night we met some friends at Oscars & then went back to their house to play Rock Band. We hadn't played in a long time and it was of course so fun. Lots of new tunes are out, so it was a hoot. Lady Gaga on guitar? Not so much :) But some classic Nirvana & Weezer were fun :)

I'm going to attempt to begin a running regiment this week. Right now I can run for about 1 minute without my lungs coming close to exploding. So we'll see how that goes........

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  1. Love the pics of Capone and the tulips!! Oh, and your hat :)!