Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 so far!

So I haven't had much to share with the blogging world lately, sorry about that! I just don't feel like anything going on is post-worthy :) Not that this is...its more of a rambling post!

Eric & my dad just went skiing in Breckenridge with a group of my dad's friends from church. They had a great time!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day this week! I woke up to Disney Princess valentines all over the house that Eric had written one thing he loved about me on each of them. And then roses for each Valentine's we've been married (4). He got me Lady & the Tramp, which we watched that good! And a new watch to workout with that counts calories, etc! We ate dinner at The Chalkboard in the Ambassador Hotel downtown. Super yummy! And I got flowers from my dad which I always love.
We just celebrated by baby sister's 31st birthday tonight. She is younger but still taller than me, and she is always so glowy & fabulous!

Two people told me this past week they thought I was 28, and I will definitely take that! :) Hence the 2 new skin creams I just bought hoping to keep it that way! One is a "BB" cream, or Beauty Balm. These are supposedly all the rage this year. We'll see! Its an Asian cream, but now American companies are coming out with their own. Here is some info if you're curious. I happened to see one for sale at Walgreens by Garnier Fructis, the first cheaper brand I've seen that has one, so I'm going to try it. It was $12 and I will be starting it asap. Reviews to come! If I don't like it, I will be trying the Clinique one next.

So other than skincare, Eric is in two classes this semester & very busy with those. Work travel has slowed down until May, so its been really nice having him home for this long! Work itself is going well for us both.

We are working on a couple of house projects, and recently got a new pantry put in, which has been great! We've had such a mild winter that my daffodils are blooming now and the tulips are coming up! I will be so sad when they are bloomed out before spring. Oh well, they are lovely too look at regardless.

Many of you know about our struggle to add to our little family. We have hit the 2 year mark and still no answers, we are still unexplained. We will be having our 5th IUI done in a couple weeks. This will be with a different Dr. than in the past and on different meds (injectables). Its also post-laparascopy, so I wanted to try it one more time. Even though the lap was clear, but I still have hope! We are doing everything we know to do, including praying our hearts out for this to happen without IVF. But if the road leads to that & we are at peace about it, we will do it. A new little life would make it worth it for sure. We just never expected this would be so hard! But, God has a plan and we are trusting it! We have so much to be grateful for right now anyway & God has blessed us SO much, I really can't complain :) And we have a really good feeling this will be our year!

Anyway, that is the latest in a nutshell---just plugging along & enjoying the ride!

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  1. I will be praying for you guys, Lindsay. Thanks for the updates! You guys have already had a busy beginning of the year! (-: