Sunday, August 8, 2010

Move-In Day!

So we got all our stuff to the new house yesterday. It was really hot. The morning wasn't so bad, but holy cow it got hot that afternoon. I seem to have a habit of moving in extreme weather, never normal. Its either icy or crazy hot.

We had the help of my dad (hopefully his last time to move me since he's been doing it since '96, and some of those moves were yearly). Finally we're in a place we plan to be for a long time! We also had the help of friends Michelle & Tim, and Tim's son. Thank goodness for the extra people, or it would've been awful!!

The difference in this move & all others was its the first one with basically the stuff of 2 peoples lives--our first move since being married & really combining everything. Which we hadn't thought about.

We ended up having 2- 24 ft. UHaul truck loads FULL between our other house & our storage unit. We way underestimated!

All went well though & we put pretty much everything except a couple things in our garage--thankful its so big and we were able to do this. We plan to go through it in there & bring only the stuff we are keeping & that is useful into the house. Everything is either trash, Goodwill, going to the church, or to be put in a garage sale this fall.

We had one small glitch yesterday. Eric was driving the moving truck & was leaving the old house. We were all headed out & pizza was on its way to being delivered also to the new place. Eric pulled out & by some fluke the back right wheel of the truck went in the ditch across from the old house.

It was stuck.

Big time.

The right rear tire was just spinning in the air & not even touching the ground.

Um, kind of a problem.

Ended up calling a wrecker that had to bring a huge special truck to get it out. $200 later & 45 min it was done. He had to pull it out horizontal so it wouldn't tip over. Wouldn't that have been nice!?

Anyway, all was well, our stuff is here (though not much in the house yet as we are still painting, etc). We are sleeping in the guest room since the master isn't finished yet. We ended the night with a prayer, some sushi & opening a bottle of wine we had been saving for something good :) A bottle from our trip to Napa in '06. And it was delicious :)

Capone was also introduced to the new place last night, he is still getting used to it & likes it..I hope :) He's not so sure about the stairs though, ha!

Capone watching the truck drive away from the old house...

Dad, Eric, Tim & his son---so thankful for their help!

The mostly full garage. Can't wait to go through all of it.....

Post-move...Eric & dad got pretty hot :(

Michelle, Tim & I

First night at the house--wine & sushi :)

Capone on the landing, doesn't want to come down the stairs :)

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  1. Super cute post! Moving is tough stuff! But decorating and unpacking will make it much more fun! So excited for you! The house looks gorgeous! Enjoy this time....getting settled and starting new!