Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New household friends

So we live in a house my grandparents had built in the late 40s. Most things have not been updated...not really. Which is fine with me because its always looked pretty much the same, kind of like being in a time capsule. Our dryer is from 1977 and the timer doesn't work. But it dries like a champ! Our washer has been sitting in the same spot for I don't even know how long, but its old. If a teenager today saw it they probably wouldn't know how to work it. But it works like a champ too. Apparently I hear they just don't make 'em like that anymore!

One of my least favorite things though is the original linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. Its pretty much impossible to get clean now, especially in the bathroom. Yes...I've tried everything. I had the best luck in the kitchen with using straight apple cider vinegar and scrubbing like Cinderella on my hands & knees for several hours. It worked wonders and left a nice scent also. Not really :) It did work wonders. Unfortunately it doesn't work as well on the bathroom, so most of the floor there is covered with a rug :)

Here are a couple of before & after pics of the kitchen floor. And no, that is not a shadow (as my aunt thought), its the grime that had accumulated after who knows how many years. Warning: this is pretty gross, but if you've dealt with any old house situations, you understand!

The second thing that has driven me crazy is the original porcelain kitchen sink and original bathtub. The bathtub lining is peeling off and this is not attractive, in case anyone is wondering. Its not all that awful as long as I keep it scrubbed, but still not so great.

The kitchen sink has become very porous. It stains VERY easily, which makes for a not so pretty sink. I once had a Gingerbread Man copper cookie cutter stain on it for over a month before it went away. That was nice.

I was introduced by my sister this week to something that might help:

Bar Keepers Friend--and my new household friend!!!

This stuff took every bit of what was on the sink off. It looks brand new & is now bright white! Unfortunately I didn't take before & after pictures, but trust me on this. I've never been so excited to clean the sink before.

So if you have any pesky stains, make a new friend :)

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