Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why my macaron obsession?

*My new favorite blog: http://thevelvetmacaron.blogspot.com/

I had planned to attempt to make these a couple weeks ago. Well, I came down with a cold and things just didn't pan out. You know...the business of life sometimes happens.

You may wonder what is up with my macaron obsession.

I came across the existance of these delectable treats while planning our honeymoon. I kept seeing them mentioned on travel forums on where to get the best ones in Paris. The whole time I'm wondering "gross, why the upset over those nasty coconut weird cookies" (I'm not a fan of coconut).
Then I saw this:

The first picture is a macaroon. The second a macaron. Major difference!

I immediately added a stop to the famous Laduree in Paris to our must-sees! So the the time finally comes, we are in Paris and on our way for a treat. This place is the epitomy of loveliness, at least in my opinion :) A whole giant counter full of the prettiest pasteries & then trays & trays made a rainbow of macarons. They were just as pretty in person.

Eric and I got a few different flavors and I got busted for taking pictures in the place. We then left and proceeded to eat them in front of the Arc de Triomphe. And I was instantly hooked & couldn't believe I had never seen these anywhere in the US. Apparently they are creeping up in Boston, VA, NYC and CA and are in line to take over the new cupcake phenomenon according to this NPR article. I am obessesed with cupcakes also btw :)

Anyway, so I came across the blog above today, and this girl lives in Tulsa & has a love affair with macarons as well. I think I might have to make friends :) She mastered making them after failing a few times, and is creating a new flavor for every week of the year. I so admire her!

Since Eric and I have given up sugar for lent (no, we aren't Catholic but felt we needed to put out a little more effort in taking care of the bodies God gave us, and less sugar can't hurt!) I won't be making any macarons before Easter. Maybe attempt some for Easter & see how bad they turn out, ha :)

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