Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! It was pretty chilly here on Sunday, but the rest of the weekend was nice. Eric and I decided to take off work on Good Friday, I'm so glad we did, it was really nice having that extra day. We slept in, I got up and made waffles, then we got pedicures, so fun :) We went to Whole Foods to get my grandmother an Easter Lily, they had such pretty flowers there...lavendar, orchids, etc. And the lilies were lovely also. We went to eat at Stonehorse in Utica Square because they have a salad I really like. It was so good!
Saturday Eric worked in the yard and I began baking. I had a sad attempt at trying to copy Williams-Sonoma Easter cookies. I had the cutters, they are copper & SO cute. I didn't have time to really make the dough, so I just bought the sugar cookie dough ready made. I got them all cut out & put in the oven. I always underbake cookies a little because we like them soft :) I open the oven & all of them were just blobs! They had all lost their shape & I have no idea why. So I didn't have the patience to try & decorate blobs, so I made some Sprinkles lemon cupcakes instead!!

I went shopping for a bit at Utica Square trying to find something to wear to church because it was going to be so cold on Easter. Banana Republic was having a sale on dresses, so I ended up finding a pretty cute one for $50. That will do! I also got some spring tops at Ann Taylor Loft.

I went back home & made a strawberry chiffon pie to take to dinner at my dad's Saturday night & also one to take to my grandmother's on Easter Sunday. I had never made this before, but it was easy & turned out to be quite tasty! I also cut some of the lilac that bloomed at our house to put on the table. We had a nice dinner at dad's, he made his specialty pork tenderloin!
It rained all night Saturday & we woke up to a very wet Easter Sunday! Church was great though, good crowd despite the weather. Then we headed over to my grandmother's house & had one of my favorite meals ever, lunch at my grandma's. Mom made ham, sweet potatoes, spinach salad, deviled eggs, rolls & green beans. It is so dang good!!! My mom still gives Lauren & I, and now Eric, Easter baskets every year. We always look forward to them, I don't care if I am 31 :)

We are so grateful for the time spent with family this weekend and that everyone is healthy & doing well! Such a blessed time :)

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  1. What a fun Easter you guys had!! I love that your mom still gets you easter baskets. Too dang cute. I'm so impressed with your baking too. I might have to try that strawberry chiffon sometime.